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We utilize the best equipment to test for and treat COVID-19

Decontamination Solutions LLC, utilizing an AIHA Certified LAB now offers a RT-qPCR test that targets the CoVID-19 gene. The method used is specified by the CDC and authorized by the US FDA for clinical CoVID-19 diagnostic. Proprietary NA extraction method is used on every sample to remove any inhibitors giving false positive and ensuring the accurate detection of "presence or absence" of the CoVID-19 viral RNA.

Decontamination Solutions LLC results per Certified LAB are reported in either "Detected" or "Non-Detected" for 2 indicators of the CoVID-19. As a result of "Detected" for either indicator can be interpreted with confidence that the area of direct sampling did contain the CoVID-19 that could be deemed potentially infectious and that of "Non-Detected", the CoVid-19 was not present.

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